2024 Movie Draft

Dustin is the reigning, defending champion of the world! Since we’ve both one once, this round is a tie-breaking season. May the best man win! Rule Changes: Same Scoring...

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2023 Movie Draft Results

With Jake crowned the 2022 World Champion, he wields the belt and lords it over Dustin's head. Can Dustin redeem himself this year, or will Jake become an...

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2022 Draft Final Results

Welcome to our inaugural 2022 new release movie draft!  At the beginning of the year, in this podcast episode, we each selected movies scheduled to be released this year...

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The Nerdy Adrenaline Rush and Celebration that is Spiderman: No Way Home

Okay, so this is going to be filled with spoilers so heads up if you haven’t seen No Way Home yet and have managed to avoid spoilers up to...

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On the Inaccuracies of Storm Trooper Accuracy

I wrote this entry years ago for another project that never took off. I'm excited for this unpopular opinion to finally see the light and welcome your feedback.

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