2023 Movie Draft Results

After a hard-fought year, the results are in.  We recap the season, breaking down highs and lows and disturbing trends before crowning a champion in the episode below!

Rule Changes This Year:

  1. Expand the pool.  Pick 35 movies plus two (since 25% of our 25 movies last year didn’t release wildcards.
    • Selecting a wildcard gives you the option to use EITHER the IMDb rating OR the Box Office Mojo World Wide Gross
    • (but you don’t have to take either)
  2. No more streaming movies. Theatrical releases only.  $0 box office was kinda lame.
  3. Add a third score so a tiebreaker will not be necessary. Subtract the Rotten Tomatoes Critics (Tomatometer) score from the Audience score.
    • We are a podcast of the people. So if audiences like it more than critics, you get a positive score. If stuffy, snobby critics like it more than audiences, you go negative.

The Teams:

Final Scores:

Trends (compared to last year):


Average IMDb Rating

Box Office Mojo Worldwide Gross

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Over Critics Rating