What Will YOUR Episode be About?

Are we just not getting to your suggested episode topic fast enough? Do you have a specific movie you’ve always wanted to hear our thoughts on? Perhaps you want to gift a specific podcast episode to a friend? Would you find it hilarious to hear our thoughts after you force us to watch a bizarre or insane film? Then you’re in the right place!
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Price: $50.00
If you want to support us and get something very cool and very unique in return, this is a great option! We both put a lot of hours into preparing, recording, and editing each episode. This fee is also guaranteed to move your episode up in our recording priorities, and is good motivation if we're reluctant to watch your selection! We'll make both the audio and video recording available to you, and confirm if you mind releasing the episode on the public show for other listeners to enjoy.
We'll contact you with any questions and to notify you when the podcast episode is ready for you to enjoy.
This can be a single movie, a genre, a general franchise, or just a topic about movies, technical aspects of movie making, or a question about how something in the industry works.
You can let us know if you want us to share your thoughts in the episode, or if they're just for us. If you said you want to be a guest on the episode, you can keep all your thoughts to yourself until we record.