Join the Official Movie Bonerz Fan Club

As part of the Official Movie Bonerz Fan Club, you gain access and influence never before possible. If you want to support us to grow the whole podcast across all channels, then we want to give you back as many extra perks as we possibly can.

  • Are you aching for more Movie Bonerz episodes, maybe even in totally different formats?
  • Want to join a community of like-minded movie fans, to interact with and discuss the movies you love or the podcast episode you’re listening to?
  • Interested in discounted merch, including unique members-only designs, and exclusive movie-themed giveaways?
  • Want attend live recordings of each episode and interact with us during the show?

Well this is the perfect place to do all those things and more!  We can’t wait to welcome you to the club!

Founder's Membership Package

We want to recognize you and say thanks for being a Movie Bonerz supporter in the early days.  Keep your Founder’s membership active and enjoy more and more benefits as we grow.  BEWARE: this is a limited option, because we will eventually stop accepting new Founders.

As a founder, you will get…
  • Official Fan Club Membership – and all the benefits there-of
  • *FREE EXCLUSIVE* Founders-only VHS Pirate color-changing mug
  • special Founder status in the Discord – which brings special access and recognition in the clubhouse
  • first access to limited-run merch & giveaways
  • lifetime price-lock guarantee 
    • we will never raise this plan’s fee, and with inflation your membership actually gets cheaper over time
  • our promise to never forget our founders and remember where we came from 
    • this means we will surely provide more perks in the future that we can’t even imagine now

Official Fan Club Membership

Join the club and get…
  • exclusive access to a growing library of members-only podcast episodes
    • targeting at least one new full-length episode per month
  • private invite to live-streams when we record the podcast
    • interact with us and other members during the episode 
    • for both premium AND free podcasts 
    • see the recording schedule in advance
  • early access to the regular podcast episodes
    • Members also get a guaranteed ad-free experience forever
  • access to the Members-Only Merch Store
    • deep discounts on both regular merch & special members-only designs 
  • invite into the clubhouse on our exclusive Discord, where we discuss movies, news, and podcast episodes
    • participate in inside jokes and the craziest memes 
    • get instant access with a special “Member” role
    • get recognized for your support with unique icons and unlocking private channels and features 
  • exclusive access to members-only giveaways

Lifetime Champion Membership

If monthly or yearly subscriptions aren’t your jam, or you just want to transformatively help us progress in our goals for where Movie Bonerz could go, this is the option for you.  

With a massive one-time payment, you would become our benefactor and single-handedly rocket the podcast to a new level of quality, as well as get lifelong access to…
  • the Official Fan Club Membership and all that comes with it, for as long as we both shall live
  • as a super-Founder, you will get all of the Founder’s perks as well
    • Choose between the exclusive Founders mug or any other merch item you’d like instead 
  • eternal access to purchase any merch items at cost – the deepest discount possible!
  • a free custom episode topic of your choosing
    • with the option for us to read your thoughts on the subject during the episode or even appear on the show as a guest 
  • your status and recognition in the clubhouse as our champion and benefactor will be much more significant and will last forever
  • the pride in knowing you blew Jake and Dustin’s minds, and they will be eternally grateful to you

We will provide you with a unique podcast feed that you’ll be able to add to your favorite podcast player. Adding this feed to your favorite podcast player only takes a couple of taps. We currently support Apple Podcasts, Youtube Music, Spotify, Castro, Downcast, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict, Podcast Republic, Podkicker, Rss Radio, and more. Unfortunately we aren’t able to support Stitcher, or any other podcast player that doesn’t support importing private feeds.

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your subscription page. Once you cancel, you’ll continue to receive premium benefits for the remainder of your payment period.

Supercast is a platform that makes it easy for us to create a premium membership for you, that integrates seemlessly with the podcast player you’re already using, it also allows us to share video without copyright claims (unlike YouTube), and integrates with Discord so members get extra benefits in the clubhouse based on their role. Find out more.