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Who We Are

We have been friends for a very long time.  We met at a shitty job where we bonded over movies and the TV show LOST.  We both eventually got fired, but are still talking movies like 15-ish years later!  

Movies have been so important to us both since childhood, and we credit our parents for fostering that, because it’s never changed.  We started the podcast as a way to share that love, to revisit classics, to recommend hidden gems, and enjoy all the new stuff coming out.  But a major goal is also to fight back against pretentious critics.  We know what it feels like to share your love for a movie, only for someone to say it’s trash.  We don’t believe that here, and try to remember: even the films we personally despise are probably someone’s favorite movie ever made.  

We’re excited to keep sharing our love of movies with you, and we want to form a community of like-minded movie fans around us.  We’re happy you’re here to hang out, and feel free to connect with us anytime about anything!



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Video version of the podcast is on YouTube and Spotify!