2024 Movie Draft

Dustin is the reigning, defending champion of the world! Since we've both one once, this round is a tie-breaking season. May the best man win!

Rule Changes:

Same Scoring Mechanism:

  • Average IMDb Rating across your team

  • Total Box Office Mojo Worldwide Gross across your team

  • Average difference between Rotten Tomatoes Audience scores and critics

New Rules:

  • We will each draft 12 movies in our starting line-up

  • We will also each draft 3 additional movies that will ride the bench

  • 2nd string movies can become active if one of the 12 gets pushed out to next year. You choose which one to replace it with

  • You also have the option to trade 1 movie from your starting line-up for a bench movie, if you don’t like its performance

Meet the Teams:

Winner Takes Home the Championship Belt!