Podcast: Movie Business

Exploring Fan Theories with Special Guest “Liz & a Movie!”

Spoilers: https://youtu.be/aSM_eNMWTv8 For the first time ever, we have a special guest host join us! We know Liz is a great movie fact researcher and loves conspiracy theories, so she was really the only choice for this topic. Fan theories are so exciting because they’re another way to share our communal love of these movies,…

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Where Artistic Vision Meets Fan Frustration

https://youtu.be/VltVFLEO16w Spoilers: Since Justice League, the discussions of Director’s Cuts have been at an all-time high. Even though it’s been a thing since the 60’s, and continues to affect movies that were initially released in the late 1920’s. But as we wait for Zack Snyder’s apparently definitive “Rebel Moon” versions, let’s look back at some…

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Best Movies & Performances of 2023

Spoilers: The Inaugural Movie Bonerz Awards highlights the best (and some of the worst) that last year had to offer. From stunts to practical effects, from the writing to the music, from the best hero to the worst villain, and from the most over-the-top sex scene to… whatever can follow that. We were fortunate enough…

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Addressing Nudity in Film

Spoilers: In this episode we both bring perfectly complimentary beers to the episode, Dustin finally picks a movie draft team name, and we get into a topic that is both very popular and very taboo: public nakedness! There have been a lot of bad examples of pointless nudity in film, but what are some of…

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