Podcast: Random 10

Random 10 – Part 4: The Legend Begins

Spoilers: Episode Description This week we watch ten random movies we’ve never seen, AGAIN!  There’s some adult content in the video version as the movies (and trailers on YouTube) had some nudity, so be advised.  Still remembering stuff we meant to bring up from the break, we share a discovery which led to the patron…

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Random 10 – Part 3: The Revenge

Random 10 is back! We spin the wheel to each watch 10 new movies we’ve never seen before. Some are good, some are crap, some are bizarre, and some are instantly forgettable. Dustin shares a story about if Jaws holds up for the next generation, Jake makes weird but valid analogies to putting A-list celebrities…

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Random 10 – Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Spoilers: Episode Description – We start the episode talking about some recent releases we’ve watched just for fun and totally forget to thank Wandering-Lion Studios for being a great sponsor until the very end. Then we get into our first sequel episode where we have spun the wheel of chance and watched ten random movies…

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Random 10

Spoilers: Episode Description – This week, we play movie roulette and each get assigned ten random movies to watch.  We have to avoid saying, “That’s so random” like a couple of white girls, Jake tests Dustin’s courage with a mystery beer, Dustin doesn’t like a movie Jake was excited about watching, and we discover way…

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