Podcast: Movie Bonerz Podcast

Mission: Impossible Recap

Spoilers: With “Dead Reckoning – Part 1” just a week away, we have rewatched all six previous movies so we can give you everything you need to know. Sure this episode is 4 hours long, but we save you from watching almost 13 hours. We cover all the important characters and plot points, the differences…

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Indiana Jones is Our Hero

Spoilers: https://youtu.be/5_qZDgmVM-8 This week we look forward to Dial of Destiny coming out if for no other reason than it being the end of one of our favorite childhood franchises. To do that we revisit all four previous movies, yes including Kingdom of the Crystal Skull despite it previously being Jake’s most hated movie from…

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Peter Jackson is So Brilliant It’s Disgusting

Spoilers: This week the guys discuss the movies Peter Jackson and Directed and co-written, excluding the Lord of the Rings films, to try and figure out how on earth he got that project (because it’s not at all obvious).  Also other big news as Jake has a personal announcement.  Join us for some of the…

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Top 10 – Action & Adventure

Welcome to our first episode! In this week’s episode, Jake and Dustin run down their top ten action and adventure movies (with a hearty helping of honorable mentions). Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram (@MovieBonerz) and let us know your top ten action/adventure movies, any of our picks you disagree with, or any ideas…

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