The Matrix Metaverse

We’re back with a massive deep dive into the Matrix franchise, praising, complaining, and spoiling it all along the way. We of course get super deep into the ideas and philosophy of the films, their impact on film-making, how fascinating the behind-the-scenes are, and even the impact on society and culture as thought processes changed after 1999. As always, we share a healthy dose of unpopular opinions and actually try hard to not misgender the Wichowskis. This includes our full review of Matrix Resurrections at the end, so be prepared for spoilers!

Let us know how the Matrix affected your life, and what you think about all three sequels that came after the original. Let us know on Instagram and Facebook what your favorite satire movies are, and which of our movies you love or hate. Check out the video version of this podcast on Spotify and Youtube here: https://youtu.be/9iYI9RabFjA

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