Guest Appearance: “The Creator” Spoiler Special with Film vs. Film Podcast


Movie Bonerz Episode Forward:
We were invited by Martin to talk about one of the most anticipated and visually stunning movies of the year. We get deep into spoilers, so make sure you see the film first, the come back and learn if it cured our fear of A.I.


FILM vs. FILM Episode Description:
The spoiler special is back after a long wait as frankly there hasn’t been much out in the cinema thats worth spoiling, until now with Gareths Edwards long awaited new film, The Creator. Of course I can’t talk about such a highly anticipated new sci fi film alone, oh no, I am jointed by Dustin and Jake from the Movie Bonerz podcast. On this one we talk about how we all are a bit mixed in it frankly. We talk about how certain plotting decisions became frustrating. We talk about how stunningly beautiful the film looks. We talk, stupid American soldiers, great dog acting plus the Dark Star joke. Did you spot it. IMDB page  
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As ever please enjoy.