Guest Appearance: “Dune Part Two” with Film vs. Film Podcast


Movie Bonerz Episode Forward:

Dune (2021) was such an incredible experience, and we’ve been looking forward to part two ever since. We of course saw it immediately and were invited onto the Film vs. Film podcast to get deep into spoilers, so make sure you watch the movie before listening. We’ll just say, it mostly lived up to the hype. As it was written.

FILM vs. FILM Episode Description:

It’s Spoiler Special time again and we couldn’t not do an episode on DUUUUNNNE. Hm hm, sorry Dune Part Two. Yes you might be able to tell I’m quite excited about this movie and what a movie, This is definitely one of my most anticipated movies of the year and frankly ever since the news broke that Denis Villeneuve was attached to direct the first film way back when. Of course I can’t talk alone and I’m joined by the brilliant Movie Bonerz podcast, Jake and Dustin. On this one we talk about all the characters, and man this is a stacked cast! We talk about how this stays pretty character driven and doesn’t fully rely on big spectacle for the sake of it, naming no Major Cinematic Universes. We talk about the complex messiah themes running right through this story. Plus we talk about worm piss. IMDB page

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