Wandering-Lion Short-Film Festival Entries

This week is all about short films as we discuss the various films entered into the Wandering Lion Film Fest that have been made publicly available. We celebrate the creativity of these artists and try to offer fair and constructive criticism where needed because we want to see them all continue to work and improve.

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram (@MovieBonerz) to let us know your favorite short film in the festival, any of our opinions you disagree with, and let us know what future topics you want us to do! If you’re one of the filmmakers, feel free to DM us you have any questions about our opinions or want further clarity from an audience perspective.

And be sure you watch the entries and vote for your favorite at https://www.wanderinglionstudios.biz/festival-entries. They have added a couple more since we recorded this, so we’ll be watching those as well and may comment on them in our After Party episode after the main event on February 15th.

The two films that we mentioned that aren’t listed publicly can be found here: https://mycho.weebly.com/shorts (with links to their Patreon to gain access)

Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/moviebonerz/message