Guest Appearance: “Taxi Driver” vs. “The Departed” with Film vs. Film Podcast


Movie Bonerz Episode Forward:
With Killers of the Flower Moon releasing, we were invited by Martin of the Film vs. Film Podcast to come and put our favorite Martin Scorsese movie up against his.  We both skip the elephant in the room, Goodfellas, and have a hard time choosing from his many other fantastic movies.  It was a joy talking to a fellow movie fan across the pond, and we’re working out a good time to have him on our show in the future.  


FILM vs FILM Episode description:
This week as the greatest living filmmaker is back with his new film The Killers of the Flower, I can only be writing about one man, Martin Scorsese. As you know we’ll be picking our favourite films from the great mans endless filmography. Of course i can’t talk about this film legend alone, oh no. I’m joined by Dustin and Jake from the Movie Boners Podcast.
Warning we will be talking SPOILERS
It’s the Host Martin, to go first and his choice is arguably the greatest character study of all time, Taxi Driver. On this one we talk about how incredible Robert De Niro is in how unpredictable he is. We talk about how Martin Scorsese is so expressive with his direction. Plus we talk about why this film possibly has the worst, cringe worthy first date scene ever committed to film. IMDB page
Our guests the Movie Bonerz, Jake and Dustin went with arguably Scorsese’s best gangster film since Goodfellas. On this one we talk about how the acting in this film is so good from everyone, especially from Jack Nicholson and how increasing deranged he becomes. We talk about how the story doesn’t really matter here and how the film is actually quite character driven. Plus we talk about, paperweights, rat impressions and people that go splat. Stay on ground level people! IMDB page      
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As ever please enjoy.