Pirate This Podcast: The Pros and Cons of Copyright

This episode we tackle the messy world of intellectual property in movies as Disney deals Winnie the Pooh becoming a horror movie this year, and the original Mickey Mouse entering public domain next year. We talk about the complexity of adapting works and producing Marvel movies when different studios own each character. We may or may not admit to some minor crimes as we discuss movie piracy in the internet age. We also speculate about the dangers of big studios stealing from small creators, and also big studios preventing innovation and better stories from fans that don’t own the rights to a property. It’s all way more exciting and fun than it sounds!

Special thank you to Alan Hlavacek and Travis Mason from Attack on Venus for the sick theme music! Check them out here: https://attackonvenus.bandcamp.com


(the voiceover in the intro is Immortal Technique sampled from his into to “The Martyr.” We obviously don’t own it or claim to own it…. but he’s a Communist so does he really own it either?)


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