Movies You Must See at Least Once Before You Die


The guys keep testing the limits of getting cancelled, but it’s with good intentions as they’ve put together a sack full of movies you need to see. They range from movies you’ve never heard of, to ones you’ve probably skipped because they’re not the most popular, to ones that are incredibly quotable classics but they’re also old so the younger generation needs to revisit them.

What is your recommendation for movie everyone should see at least once? Let us know by commenting or direct messaging on InstagramTikTok, and Facebook. Or better yet, call in and leave a 60 second voice message and we’ll play it in a future episode!

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  1. Idiocracy

  2. Bottle Shock

  3. Chef

  4. Requiem for a Dream

  5. Mother!

  6. The People Under the Stairs

  7. The Hunt

  8. Adaptation

  9. Thank you for smoking

  10. Brick

  11. Oblivion

  12. Assassins

  13. Love and Monsters

  14. Brewster’s Millions

  15. The Way Back

  16. Nocturnal animals

  17. This is Where I Leave You

  18. Dan in Real Life

  19. Drop Dead Gorgeous

  20. Blast from the Past

  21. Monty Python and the Holy Grail & Life of Brian

  22. Turner and Hooch, The Money Pit, & The ‘Burbs

  23. Ronin

  24. Carnage